Sunday, January 7, 2018

The Paps of Danú from The City.

I hadn't intended to head to the hills today but with a nice overnight frost and clear blue skies promised for the day I had a change of heart and left home after 10am and headed west. I didn't have time to go as far as The Reeks so I went instead to The Paps of Danú near Rathmore. This being that bit nearer home meant I was leaving the car at "The City" at 10.40 and setting off across the frozen bog. The ground was mercifully frozen which made the long slog across the heathery boggy ground a little easier than it might have been but it was still long and a slog. Normally I climb The Paps as an out and back outing from Lough Glannafreaghaun but today I wanted to make the outing more of a horseshoe type so I headed diagonally towards Lough Nageeha from where I can the west top first. After three kilometres I reached the the spur that guards the northeast side of the lough and here I had to drop about 70mtrs to the lake. Now I was faced with a very steep350mtr climb to reach the west summit.
It would be horrid when not frozen..but it was :)

A bit of a drop down and a steep climb behind the lake

I actually like this type of climb as once you manage to keep a slow but steady pace you gain height quite quickly and this morning was no different. I did stop occasionally to admire the wonderful views towards The Reeks which were snow capped down to the 700mtr contour. A stiff chilly breeze swept the summit so after taking a few pictures I didn't delay before setting off down the gentle slopes to the col between the tops. Travel was easy in the frozen conditions and all that was left was to climb the remaining 100mtrs to the east top which soon passed. Again once I reached the summit I turned and dropped swiftly down the northern slopes and made as direct a line as I could toward my car. It wasn't exactly a mega outing, just shy of 9 kilometres and over 600 mtrs of climbing but it only too me 2hours 45mins and was thoroughly enjoyable. Four hours door to door meant I had time to relax at home. A win win 😀.
Wonderful views towards Lough Leane and The Reeks

Towards the East Summit

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