Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lough Duff Horseshoe

The eastern Reeks

The east face of Caher


James enjoying the view
Thinking of having a shower.
Had a grand day in the Black Valley with James today. At last a real touch of summer appeared and we were sweating profusely as we climbed the steep ground up to the shoulder of Broughnabinnea. There was a layer of cloud up at about 3000ft so the tops of the Reeks were hidden. This was James's first time in this area and I think he really enjoyed the remote quiteness of the whole place. For the first time this year it really felt important to take on lots of water. We dropped down to the col under the long ridge that leads to Cnoc Duff. Here we observed the many "erratics", rocks that are deposited by retreating glaciers. From the ridge the eye is constantly drawn accross the valley to the impressive east face of Caher. We continued to the summit and thought of the climbers that died there in a fall over nine years earlier. Onwards over the east side of the valley and then down steeply to the valley floor. We decended alongside the beautiful waterfall that adorns the entrance to the uper valley and then back to the car. A lovely five hour walk in one of the most beautiful areas of the country. Oh and we saw a magnificent eagle, another highlight of a great day.