Sunday, October 9, 2016

A Few Days In Memmingen Germany

Last weekend I went with Margaret for a break to Germany. It was our first time to visit this country and I can safely say that we were delighted by the place. No climbing or walking in this trip but we did drive down and get the cable car up to the summit of the Zugspitze, which at 2962 mtrs is Germany's highest, is a serious lump of mountain and looks to offer some nice routes to the top. So no tales or stories to tell, just a few pictures to hopefully give a flavour of the place.

Lovely Architecture. Quite different

Who needs a map. A brilliant bronze model of the town

On a rainy day two we went to Lake Constance to see the lovely quaint island town of Landau. On the way back we called into Leutkirch which was also a delight.

And to top off the day we went to Ottobeuren a few miles away to see the abbey. It is situated in a small town and completely dominates it. It is huge, impressive and completely over the top opulent. Beautiful.

The doors are about 15 ft high

On Monday we drove down to see the Zugspitze which at 2996mtrs is the highest mountain in Germany. It was a beautiful morning in Memmingen but the mountains were making their own weather and cloud and indeed some rain was the main feature of the morning by the time we arrived. Driving for a while into Austria we crossed back into Germany and the weather showed signs of improving. We were hopeful of some views from the summit so we took the cablecar to the top but alas we were thwarted. It was  still a nice and impressive outing though and we came home a different route which was more through the Alpine landscape.

Even with the clout it is still an impressive ball of a mountain

Weather much better by the time we were coming down....typical

A superb looking ridge line. The summit is still in cloud on the left.

Home the following afternoon but definitely a place both of us would go back to. Cheap beer as well. Whats not to like.

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