Friday, October 21, 2016

Curve Gully Ridge Carrauntoohil..Again

Gerry Christie
I'm in danger of getting really familiar with Curve Gully Ridge on Carrauntoohil. It is my favourite technical way up the mountain and offers a challenging and interesting climb that has some tough steps and when the conditions are perfect (like a couple of weeks ago) it offers some exhilarating sections on good rock. Today I went with the doyen of Kerry Mountain Rescue Team...Gerry Christie who had never been to the summit via this route. The conditions weren't bad per say but after being spoiled the last time out today the rock didn't have that really grippy feel but it was okay and I didn't feel too jittery on it. It's always nice to bring someone new out on a route they haven't done before but it also something of a responsibility but we progressed well and safely. Gerry I think was surprised at how tricky some spots were but overall I think he enjoyed himself and I hope he got a sense of achievement after performing so well on the climb. The cloud stayed down to below the start of the route so no pictures were taken but it was a very atmospheric outing and I often think the exposure can seem all the greater when you can't see the bottom of some of the drops. We were two hours on the route and after a bite to eat on the summit we descended the Heavenly Gates and then The Ramp (which I hadn't been on for nearly 10 years). He is a lively auld bugger and I struggled to keep up to him on the way out but it was a good workout.

Ready for the off...
View from The Gates

Heading down the ramp.

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