Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Christmas Hike On The Galtee Mountains

Always with the Munchies
After the horrendous weather of yesterday myself and Kevin postponed our hike until today. It proved a good decision as the weather was much better today. There was still a breeze blowing and the ground was saturated after all the rain but it felt great to be out and clearing the body and lungs after the usual excess of the Christmas. Indeed such was Kevin's excess that he left what he described as a one footer in the woods. He's a bear of a man. Well as you gathered our outings aren't exactly highbrow but it was much fun. It felt good to allow ourselves the luxury of walking instead of running the hills and it allowed the conversation to flow uninterrupted throughout.

Stay serious now

To much sugar

What a man

Who me!
We did the Clydagh Valley Horseshoe which goes over Galtymor, Galtybeg and Cush and gives a very satisfying 14K hike and 1200mtrs of ascent. We reverted to type a couple of times and ran down most of the way from Galtybeg towards Cush and enjoyed another run down some of Cush, because we could!. Much chat was done about future plans and aspirations. As of now we are aiming for a trip to the Alps in the summer but I have no doubt that we will have other adventures little and otherwise before then. I will keep you posted.
Summit pose

Typical Galtees

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