Friday, November 11, 2011

Mangerton Stoompa horseshoe

Last Sunday I went with the lovely Ruby for a gentle walk on Mangerton. The day was fine and I was looking forward to having Ruby along for company. She adores being out and about and I knew she would love being on the mountain. I obviously took the lead for her but she is so good now that we struck off with her free and I resolved to keep a close eye on her. There was a distinct chill in the air and this coupled with the strenghening wind as we got higher meant that hat and gloves were necessary on the summit. We set off along the summit plateau and the wonderful views were a joy. The 1000ft cliffs that swept down into the Horses Glen make this one of the most spectacular walks in Kerry. Soon we were heading up towards the summit of Stoompa.This was a good spot for a bite to eat although I wasn't allowed to linger too long by the impatient Ruby who was ever anxious to be on the move.

Looking into the Horses Glen
Looking east from Stoompa
 The initial descent from here is fairly steep and the ground has some rocks and lots of heather and then continues gently down a spur. Not long from the summit I put my left leg into a hole and my knee got a terrible snap backwards. I went down like a sack of spuds roaring. It was agony, and I was sure I was after doing damage. I writhed around for a bit and soon to my enormous relief the pain eased and I began to hope that the damage wan not as severe as I had first feared. After a short while I stood and to my delight found that the knee would take my weight. I was soon on the move again, gingerly picking my way down and making sure of each step. Bang, I suddenly found myself in a hole between two rocks. This was not going too well. Thankfully I was unhurt and hauled myself out and continued. The knee looseded out more and I was again able to enjoy my spectacular surroundings. Thankfully the rest of the walk passed without incident and we both went home happy.
Looking towards Killarney

Eastern buttress of Mangerton North
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