Sunday, October 3, 2010


Thanks to the inclement weather causing delays to the start of the Ryder Cup I took the opportunity to head to Caherbarna. This provides a nice quick circuit of around 8kilometers and about 500mtrs of climbing. The morning was sunny and calm and I was starting from the car at 11am. A brisk pace saw me on top by 11.40 and enjoying the wonderful views back to Killarney.


The ground underfoot was quite wet after the recent heavy rain. I headed quickly across the plateau towards Gortavehy. The wind farm on the southern side of the expansive bog is an impressive sight. I'm not sure I like them but I suppose they are a necessary evil and more of them will be erected into the future. After a chat with a local farmer about the effects of last winter on his stock I continued on my way. I soon reached the descent ramp which leads easily down to the little lake under the the rugged cliffs of the northern slopes. A quick walk out the track and I was back at my car at 12.55. A short outing but it did clear the cobwebs and I was home for the resumption of action in the Ryder Cup.

View east towards home

Large windfarm

Rugged northern slopes

The view towards Killarney

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