Sunday, May 14, 2017

Coumloughra-Glengarra Wood and A Circuit of The Horses Glen

Is it really only four weeks since I was in Scotland?. It has been a hectic time with the passing of my friend and father in law which had all the turmoil and pain that that involved and in between hospital visits and funereal duties I managed to escape a few times and clear my head (a little) in the great outdoors.
When I returned from Scotland it was to sad news which took much of the colour from our lives but I went to The Reeks a week after coming home and enjoyed a glorious morning on the Coumloughra Horseshoe. The cold dry weather had persisted since I had been in Scotland and there was a dusting of icy snow on the north facing higher slopes. I will leave the pictures do all the describing. Suffice to say I enjoyed my day.
Never fails to inspire

One of Irelands finest coums

Cloon Lake surrounded by wild country

The East Reeks appear

The Iveragh Peninsula

Carrauntoohil from the summit of Beenkeragh

West from Cahers West top
Last Tuesday I went for an early morning trip to The Galtees to try and clear my head a little. I went to the lovely Glengarra Wood and walked up to Greenane and once I was on the ridge I ran on the beautiful dry turf all the way to the col under Galtybeg. It was a real joy to be on these normally wet and boggy hills when the ground was so dry. Normally you have to go left and right in the effort of trying to avoid bog holes and mucky turf but today I was able to just head straight through areas that usually are avoided and the turf was lovely and springy and easy on the knees. I slogged up Galtybeg and really enjoyed the dry conditions as I ran straight towards Galtymor. Again I walked to the summit and wasted no time in turning and I basically ran back to the car. I travelled light and didn't take any camera but it was a much needed blast of around 17 kilometers and 1000mtrs of ascent. The highlights were the lovely woods with their huge Rhododendron trees and the delightful spot where streams meet before I re-entered the woods again. Stunning.

Today I went for a walk around the lovely Horses Glen near Killarney. I normally head in to the glen itself but today I opted to do the high circuit and I really enjoyed it. I was feeling pretty good and I didn't get blasted by too many of the heavy showers that were all about. I did get a couple of drenchings but the showers only lasted a short time and I managed to stay dry for the final 90 minutes back to the car. Always a good thing. Just under 3 hours 30 minutes for a 14 kilometer round wasn't too bad. I must get back to doing some regular running this week.
Lovely starting out

One of my favourite views..Looking into The Horses Glen
Looking East from the top of Stoompa

Black in the Black Valley

Heavy showers but most (including this one) missed me :)
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