Sunday, January 15, 2017

Alohart and Cruach Mh贸r

Being a glutton for punishment I set off first thing this morning back to Killarney where I hooked up with Frank for another outing. After a brief discussion we settled on a visit to The Reeks and after chatting with Kevin yesterday about Alohart I suggested that this would make for a nice outing and Frank, never having been there, readily agreed.
Most of the snow gone馃槩

Still...reasons to be cheerful

Alohart comes into view

Possible rock routes to explore??

The thaw of yesterday was still in full swing and the snow levels were substantially depleted but the landscape still had nice wintry look about it. We set off from Lisliebane and after crossing the bridge over the Black Stream we set off up and across the bog that sweeps down from the slopes of Cruach Mh贸r. The weather was a bit of a mixture of cloud mist and drizzle but thankfully we avoided the worst of it and we actually didn't need to put on our hard shells until we reached the col between Cnoc an Br谩cha and Cruach Mh贸r and it was so mild we only used a base-layer until then. The slog across the bog is fairly tedious but suddenly you reach a crest and the beautiful area of Alohart is revealed with its pair of lochlans and the broad gully that rises to the col between wild and rugged rocky bluffs. Frank was in good form today and we made short work of the near 300mtr pull to the col. Misty glimpses of the Black valley came into view now but the stiffish breeze and hint of a chill meant we didn't tarry and set off to climb the remaining 300mtrs to the summit. By staying on the south side we stayed out of the wind and after the tumble of yesterday I was extra cautious on the snow covered rocky sections but we arrived at the top without incident. Now all that remained was the drop back down to the lake and once there we made short work of the return to the car. It had been a very nice stress free day and as usual the company was great. Thanks Frank.
In cruise control

Cnoc na P茅iste ridge

Trying to get all arty farty with the new camera馃榿

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