Thursday, February 25, 2016


Last Saturday I ventured back to Kerry with Denis and Bridie for another blast up Carrauntoohil. What a difference a week makes. After the beauty of the Grey Area last week we were face with strong winds and constant rain today. It was just a case of putting on all the rain gear and keeping the head down and ploughing on. We enjoyed the outing despite (or maybe because of ) the weather but it was still a relief to get back to the car and change into dry clothes and get warm. The wind on the summit was pretty severe and I was at times concerned that one of us could be whipped to one side and onto steep ground but thankfully we were fine.

Since before Christmas I have been struggling with a knee injury and it just wasn't going away. I had hoped that it would get better by it self but if anything it was getting steadily worse and in the high winds the knee got a couple of jarring twists and it was really quite painful that evening and the following day. I had been to the doctor about it and she recommended physio so I bowed to the inevitable and booked myself in for a session on Monday afternoon. I have never had physio before and lets just say it was an experience. She managed to find knots in the knots in my muscles and before she was through I was literally sweating from the pain. Her strength as an Irish rugby international was in evidence and I was sure she was having a bad day. The 45 minutes passed and I could breathe again but it definitely was a huge help. My symptoms were immediately better and the loosening of muscles and hamstrings eased the pain on the torn Medial Ligament I had.

Crohane and The Paps beyond

Looking to the impressive cliffs that overlook The Horses Glen
I went for another session (much less painful) this morning and I felt great afterwards. Walking down the town I realized just how poorly I had been walking of late and it being such a good day I decided to head for a quick up and down of Mangerton. Ruby decided she would like a hike as well so we both set off together. Light and easy was the order of the day and I really enjoyed it. The views into the Black Valley are great but it was my progress on the injury front that really buoyed my spirits. I could still feel it but it was definitely better and I can see light at the end of the tunnel. It was also delightful to have Ruby along for company and it brought home once again how badly served we are here with the access restrictions we face. I can of course understand the need to control dogs but a well trained animal which is kept under close control (not necessarily on a lead) posed no threat to anything and should be allowed. Anyway rant over. I really enjoyed the 2 hours 30 minutes in the wilds. Hopefully I will be able to get back running again soon.
Small dog in big spaces

The frosty nights had wrought their stuff

Heading down

Into the Black Valley

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