Monday, December 14, 2015

A Sunny Interlude On The Comeraghs...Counshingaun

Lets face it weather of late has been shite. Storm after storm bringing nothing but wind and rain to add to the depression of the short days and long long nights so it was super to be able to join Kevin Ring for a sunny day on the hills in a place I hadn't been before, Coumshingaunon in the Comeragh mountains. Kevin has been super busy of late with a new job and three young babies to mind so our opportunities to hook up have been scarce and when we have it has been for a quick run or somesuch so it was great to have the luxury of a day to ourselves. As per usual the craic was great and after a coffee en-route we were good to go by 10.30. Coumshingaun is widely considered to be the finest coum in the country and it is indeed an impressive sight with its perfectly shaped bowl surrounding a large lake some 300+mtrs under the rim. The route itself is quite short but today was about having a catch up so we set off at a leisurely pace from Kilclooney and rose gently up to the spur on the southern side of the coum. Higher up there are many good scrambling bits on offer on outcrops of conglomerate rock which Kevin took full advantage of. We reached the top and Kevin pointed out the many options for winter fun that are to be had on the gullies that cleave the headwall. 

The impressive coum coming into view

I think we should go thataway

Some nice scrambling options on the way up

Do you really have to??

Up on the plateau

A very exfoliating wind brrr

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We descended the northern spur and dropped down to the lake side and we followed the stream back out. There are lots of amazing spots here to camp which we hope to make good use of in the future. Back to the car and more coffee and back to the train station where we went our separate ways. As always it had been a great day out and I was hoarse from talking. Roll on the next outing.

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