Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Horses Glen Circuit....Back To Normality

I went for a walk around the Horses Glen today which goes up over Stoompa and Mangerton. It is a stress free round on easy ground all the way that stretches out to around 14 kilometers and about 1000 meters of climbing and affords some of the best views in Kerry. After the storms of the last few days it was nice to wake up to calmer conditions even if the skies were still a bit leaden. I was enduring a bout of "the snuffles" in the morning so a day out on the hills was just the ticket. The track at the start of the route is now terribly worn away and it will be interesting to see if there is any repair work done, it is certainly needed. Anyway it is fair to say that on the tops there was more than a hint of winter in the air and if the forecast is to be believed there is a chance of wintry showers this weekend. After the fantastic weather of last week it was back to the wet boggy ground and chilly mists that characteristic walking on these mountains. It was interesting to look around from the summit of Stoompa and look down on Lough Leane some 2000 ft below and also at the wild boggy mountains all around and to compare and contrast with the mountains I was on last week. Both are very different but both are very beautiful. Each place has its own charms and challenges. I look forwards to the mountains being transformed when (hopefully) we get some good dumps of snow.
Starting off. Torc with the Reeks in the distance

Looking into "The Glen"

The View from Stoompa


A moody "Devils Punchbowl"

The Black Valley

Lough Guitane

The path washed away
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