Monday, October 19, 2015

The Hags Glen Horseshoe

I went back to Killarney today for a good blowout on The Reeks again. With the recent dry weather continuing I decided that the Hags Glen Horseshoe would be a worthy day out. It was a little disappointing to arrive back and see things looking a bit grey but I was confident things would improve as the day went on. I left the car at 10.15 and set off into the glen in good spirits. My right hamstring has been tight for the last while and it was giving me some gib as I went in but it was okay. I opted to head up Cruach Mhor first and as usual it felt a bit of a grind. Unfortunately the mist came in as I went up but once I was up at the grotto things opened up again and I got some nice views for a while. Alas the mist returned and I spent all the way to near the summit of Carrauntoohil without any views but it is still a joy to walk the ridge. Thankfully the remainder of the route was mostly in the clear and I even caught some sun on Benkeeragh. Back down to the car in 6 hours 15 mins and I was well pleased with my day. Who mightn't be too long before we have some snow to enjoy.
Thankfully just out for a joyride

Always a great sight

Things cleared up when I gained the ridge..for a while

The East Reeks

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