Monday, August 31, 2015

A Fine Round In The Galtees

Sunday I went for a hike on the Galtee Muntains. As this would be my last outing before I went ot the Alps I wanted to make it a decent one so I set off from Kings Yard just after 11am and climbed Galtymor via Knocknagalty. It was a grey morning but the cloud was well above the summits and there was just a gentle zephyr of breeze. I had put my rope into the bag to add a bit of weight and I set a good pace as well. As is usual I had the mountain to myself until I reached the summit plateau and once I set off towards the distant Temple Hill I was once again left in solitude for the most part. I do enjoy the walk along the ridge towards Lyacapull with its wonderful views to the expanse of plain to the northwest as the mountains drop steeply for over 2000ft. From Lyracapull I dropped down and crossed the saddle and climbed up to the splendid summit of Temple Hill. This was my first ever mountain summit and the views from the top remain as lovely today as they were all those years ago. I wasn't able to linger too long however as there were lots of wasps about and they were taking quite a liking to me so I returned to the saddle after having a rather harried bite to eat. Next up was Knockaterriff and then a big drop into the glen below before a final 230 meter climb to Monabrack from where I returned easily to the car. Five hours forty five minutes had passed and I had climbed about 1500 meters and covered about 17 kilometers. It had been a good day for wildlife as well as I had the pleasure of seeing a Hen Harrier, a Buzzard, a Kestrel and the seldom seen Irish Lizard. I was well pleased. Next up Chamonix.

Looking west along the ridge

Galtymor summit

Looking back at the north side of Galtymor

Lovely steep sweep to the northwest

A heavily cairned Temple Hill summit

All the way back to Galtymor

Don't step on me please!

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