Sunday, May 31, 2015

Tomies and Shehy...Four Seasons In One Walk

First views of Cruach Mhor
Today I went with Frank for a bimble in the Kerry mountains. It was my last chance to stretch the legs before I head to the Pyrenees tomorrow. We opted to climb Tomies from Tomies wood and we headed from there to Shehy west before turning and going over Shehy east and then headed further east and descending steeply to the wild valley below. Frank was suffering the after effects of a boozy night a couple of nights before and I made sure to give him all the sympathy he deserved :o) but he soldiered on, cause thats the way he rolls :o). We experienced the four seasons today with a strong breeze/wind to complete the weather set. As we went from Tomies to Shehy we were blasted by a wicked squall that had big hailstones mixed with some snow. The hail made a mighty noise as it clattered into out hoods. It was short lived and shortly afterwards we were enjoying sunshine and great views. About 850 meters of ascent over a wild 14 kilometers made for a worthy outing. It is a round that would make a very interesting and I think enjoyable hill run. A short report today as I have a few things yet to do. The Pyrenees here I come.
Frank with a ready hide his pain

Wonderful views to the east

Purple and the Reeks from Tomies

The squall left as quickly as it arrived

Muckross lake with Crohane beyond

An interesting little ridge

Pretty Rhododendron Ponticum...but a real pest

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