Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Galtees Wildcamp

Last night I took advantage of the good weather and an early finish from work and headed to the Galtee Mountains with all I needed for an overnight camp. I parked in the excellent Kings Yard at the foot of Knocknagantee at 17.15 and I set off for Monabrack 630 meters with the aim of heading up onto the main ridge somewhere near Lyracappul. What a lovely evening it was. Proper warm sun meant I was sweating pretty quickly after I set off but the views were lovely and I was really loving being in this lovely range. There was the added advantage of the dryer than normal underfoot conditions thanks to the fine few days we had enjoyed. Soon enough I the broad flat top of Monabrack and as the time was getting on I headed down to the col 100 meters below and continued up the slopes towards the ridge some 300 meters above. I was only carrying 1 litre of water with me and i needed to get more before I set up camp and as I would need to get a refill before morning I wanted to find a source as high as possible. The dry conditions meant that a lot of the watercourse were dry but I found a trickle about 100 meters below the ridge. I climbed up and found a lovely dry and flat spot near the col and looking down to the steep slopes to the wide plain below. This is one of my favourite viewpoints in the whole range and I was well happy. I quickly returned to refill my water bottles and once I returned I cooked a quick dinner and sat and enjoyed a stunning sunset.
Starting up the lower slopes. Looking towards Galtymor.

Looking towards Lyracappul  825 meters. I camped on the right of the picture

Looking back to Monabrack

Enjoying dinner with a view.

Evening light on Lyracappul

The views were expansive


Home sweet home
There was a bit of a breeze at the col but it wasn't too bad but as the sun set the temperature dropped with it and I soon retreated to my tent to relax for the night. I slept quite early but later in the night the wind got up and things got pretty noisy but I slept more than I was awake. The wind was still strong in the morning and the temperature was just 3 degrees but I really enjoyed sitting eating breakfast in my tent looking down on the stunning landscape below. I was on the move again at 07.30 and I set off alonf the ridge all the way to Galtymor  919 meters. A thirty mile per hour wind meant there was a brisk feel to the morning but I loved the trip. I descended directly down to the deep valley on the south side and went to the confluence of three streams and then followed the woods back to the car. I had only been on the move for a few hours but I was very satisfied with the whole experience. I must go back again soon.
A bit more light pollution than Ben Alder

Lovely morning

Towards Galtymor

A strange cylindrical roiling cloud

Galtymor looming large


A magic spot.

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