Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Blowing away the cobwebs in the Cappagh Glen Killarney

The weather forecast was unfortunately correct when it predicted wet and windy weather today so the hoped for outing on the east Reeks had to be postponed for a future day and myself and Terry Conroy decided to venture into the Cappagh Glen instead as it would provide a safe outing in the strong winds and it is always a joy to visit this wild part of Kerry. We were joined by Terry's friend Marty Hennessy. Terry is only starting out in his exploration of the great outdoors and for both Marty and himself it was a first visit to this area. We opted not to drive in the the terrible private road that leads to the trail head and instead parked before the start of Lough Guitane and walked in from there. My word it was a bad weather morning and it was difficult to see anything at all in the driving misty rain. Still it was invigorating to be out and I was looking forward to showing the guys this wonderful spot. Once we were past the little farmyard we entered the truly wild land beyond and the fun started straight away. We had to cross a stream that normally is a simple matter of stepping on the stones to keep your boots dry but today this was swollen and the only way across was to wade straight through which quickly dispelled any notion of maintaining dry feet.

Water water everywhere

Marty and Terry smiling through the rain :o)

Back out the glen

 I have been here many times but I have never seen the place so saturated and riddles with streams. Waterfalls were everywhere and even though the hills were almost obscured by the mist things were very spectacular. The Cappagh river was thunderous as we walked alongside into the glen and some care had to be taken to avoid any slips. The glen always suggests being a great campsite to me but not today as dry unflooded ground was hard to come by. We turned and climbed to the summit of Benaunmore 454meters which, despite its modest height, offers wonderful airy views but almost nothing could be seen today so we quickly left and descended steeply into the eastern side and returned via the beautiful narrow glen and back to our car. It felt great to change into dry clothes. It had been a modest outing but a beautiful one and the guys really enjoyed the wild feel of the place. Hopefully more outings together in the future.

Terry in Conroy's Crevice ;o/

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