Saturday, December 14, 2013

Rediscovering The Fun

A couple of days ago I set off once again on the early train for Midleton to go for a run in the Curragh Woods, this time with James Moore. After all the negativity and stress of the previous week it was great to simply just go for a simple no pressure run with a pal and relax. I must confess to having some doubts about going for any run at all but the legs were feeling quite good after the marathon so I decided to give it a go. James looked after me very well and set a nice gentle pace that ensured that we were able to have a nice chat and pretty soon I was leaving any doubts behind and simple enjoying running along in the dense foggy woods that were full of atmosphere and beauty. I felt that I could have been running anywhere and at times I was reminded of the beech and chestnut forest of the Pyrenees Orientalis. We twisted and turned and went up and down and it was great. The hour that we spent running simply flew by. I didn't care if we had covered two miles or ten, it didn't matter, it was simply fun. I was buzzing after it and my high lasted well after we parted and I headed home. I felt that I had re-learned a lesson that I had forgotten and realized that I should run for the fun of it and not place myself under too much pressure. That's not to say I should sit back and take it easy, far from it, but I should stick to what I enjoy and push myself when it feels right to do so. Anyway enough navel gazing, bottom line is that I had a great time and I found myself looking forward to the next time so today I went with Ruby for a five mile run on Bweeng Mountain and despite the wind and rain it was great to be out and I felt like mentally a weight had been removed. Now I'm looking forward to whatever the next outing brings.

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