Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cooling off in The Cappagh Glen

I had another great day out with Frank yesterday. We forsook the honey pots of the Reeks and headed to the quieter area of Crohane and the Cappagh Glen. We had our customary coffees in Killarney once I arrived but not from our usual place as it is closed due to an explosion that took place a few weeks ago in a neighboring laundry that had tragic consequences. It is all cordoned off and there is structural damage to the building so I guess it won't be reopening any time soon. I hope the beautiful Beata , who worked there and was a joy to meet when we went in, is ok and wasn't hurt by the blast.
The view across Lough Guitane


Infinity pool

Towards the Paps
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Wonderful light on Crohane

We set off in the horrid rough road that skirts Lough Guitane where the bottom of the car regularly hits the surface as you slowly pass the huge potholes and ruts on the road. The one good thing about this is that it allows you lots of time to enjoy the stunning view across the lake to the Crohane. Frank's fitness continues to improve and he didn't have to stop at all on the climb and was able to maintain a steady pace. We gained height rapidly and the views only got better as we were now able to see right into the gorgeous Cappagh Glen. Once we reached the shoulder we could see across towards the Paps and beyond. We turned and made the final climb to the summit of Crohane and rested a short while in the now chill breeze before we set off down across the wild ground towards the spur that leads to Bennaunmore. At the end of the spur we enjoyed a nice lunch before we descended steeply into the narrow valley by Lough Nabroda. In the valley it was quite warm and after the good weather in July the ground was nice and dry. We skirted around the lake and then climbed to the broad saddle of Bennaunmore and then descended into the delightful and magical Cappagh Glen.
Lough Nabroda

A future plungepool

Spectacular scenery

Interested spectator

It was really pleasant and warm now and as we made our way out of the glen we were trying to psych ourselves up into doing a plunge. Now I'm no water baby at the best of times and it was easy to think of reasons not to do it. It wasn't really that warm so the water would be cold, or it would be a bit of a chore to walk out to the car afterwards etc etc. As I said it was easy to lose the enthusiasm for it. As we walked alongside the river I was struck by how low it was. It hadn't filled up at all after the dry spell, however I soon spotted a likely spot for a dip and before I could think too much about it I set about removing my clothes and without too much ado I jumped in. It wasn't deep and I touched the bottom which was lovely sandy gravel. It wasn't cold either and all in all it was really refreshing. Frank followed me and entered the water in style. We got a great laugh about it and I guess we will not be so reticent to do others in the future. We were in great spirits for the remainder of the walk and as we neared the end we saw a lovely Roe deer, who pranced delightfully off into the scrub as we neared. Another lovely day, thanks Frank.

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