Monday, May 13, 2013

A Delightful Run On Country Lanes

Today while Margaret was touring the renowned Derreen Gardens near Lauragh I availed of the opportunity  and went for a run on a 16 kilometer loop from the car. To say the least I have been lacking in discipline and training of late and as the pounds have gone on my appetite for real outdoor effort has waned. Still I was feeling good and as I started off down through the old forested road I was enjoying myself and looking forward to the challenge. I was soon in the hamlet of Lauragh and here I turned left onto the most lovely little road that wend and wound its undulating way upwards to the pass to the east of the pretty hill called Knockatee 330mtrs. The run was at times fairly steep and my lack of training was showing but I persevered and I was somewhat relieved to finally reach the pass. Here I turned left and made a quick detour to the summit. A brief drenching from a passing squall didn't dampen my delight at the stunning panorama that was on show. To the north the entire Everagh Peninsula was laid out before me and on the other side the stunning mountains of the Beara Peninsula were equally pleasing. I had to try and capture a few pictures with my phone and that done I set off down for the road and continued on my way.
The view over Kilmakillioge harbour


A great little mountain
It was great to run at my ease down the road from the pass and when I got a little lower I found myself marveling at the beautiful little pageants that presented themselves. Gurgling streams tumbled through pockets of woodland whose floor was often carpeted by bluebells. Songbirds serenaded everywhere and when you add to this the glorious scenery all about it was little wonder that I felt privileged to be here and be able to enjoy the experience. As I trundled along I was thinking about the 16 year old boy from north Kerry that had come to prominence last year when despite suffering from terminal cancer appealed to young people to turn away from suicide and try to live their lives. Today he had lost his fight for life and the news just reinforced my determination to enjoy what gifts I had been given. The route followed the coastal road from Tousist to Bunaw and back to the garden in Derreen. It was such a joy and I couldn't think of anything better than running deserted little roads that went from little cove to cove and whose adjoining paddocks resounded with the calls of little lambs frolicking in the sun. So after a couple of hours I arrived back at the car tired but delighted with my day. We compared notes on our respective outings and we both professed ourselves pleased. Sometimes it is hard to beat the southwestern tip of Ireland.

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