Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Boughil near Molls Gap Killarney

Last weekend I went with Frank for a hike in the mountains of Killarney. We had hoped to have a day rock climbing but alas the weather wasn't playing ball and with plenty of rain showers about we had little choice but to forego the rock and go hiking. Frank wanted to go somewhere other than the Reeks today so we opted to head for Boughil near Molls Gap. This proved a lovely choice and it provided a nice scramble of over 300mtrs from the back of Barfinnihy lake to the summit and then we continued across the rugged mostly trackless ground that dipped and rose over the next few kilometers until we stopped at our final top for lunch. The views in all directions were lovely and thankfully the rain that occasionally threatened never reached us and we stayed dry for the full day. We descended northeast towards the valley and explored at our leisure the lovely unspoiled terrain that was littered with large boulders. We followed the gurgling stream until we opted to traverse around the hillside at Gearhasallagh rather than intrude on the privacy of the homesteads in the valley floor. The day was now lovely and by the time we neared the car we were enjoying warm-ish sunshine. A change of clothes and a nice coffee back in town ended the day nicely. Hopefully from now on we will need to apply some sunscreen when we go out. Maybe even some rock climbing might get done. Roll on summer.
The gully in the center was the route of choice

Nice steep scrambling

Tired but having fun

Lovely wild ground

The view east

The Reeks

What a man

Beautiful valley
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