Saturday, January 28, 2012

Beautiful Kerry

Looking towards Brandon


The view west
I went back to Kerry today to climb the Coumloughra Horseshoe. There had been a bit of snowfall and I was anxious to get that winter climbing feeling before all the white stuff melted away. The day promised to be fairly good with a fair bit of clear sky to be seen between the showers. I parked at the concrete road and set off up the boring track. The expanding vistas to the west as I rose constantly drew the eye and with the intermittent sunshine and dark skies everywhere looked very dramatic. Nowhere moreso than when I arrived at the first lake and got the full view of of the dramatic Coum. Caher particularly looked magnificent in its winter raiment. I climbed the slopesto Caher first and planned to complete the horseshoe via the Beenkerach ridge. However at the summit I discovered that I had left my goggles at home. as I was being blasted by spindrift I found it was almost impossible to continue so I retreated back the way I came. Silly tit me. Ah well perhaps the wintery conditions will continue for a bit yet and I may get another chance.
Caher East Face
Wintery Carrauntoohil
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