Friday, December 16, 2011

Beenkerach winter walk

Coumeengeragh, I went up the mixed ground on the right.

Carrountoohil east face
I went back to the Reeks yesterday for a hike. The day was clear and cold so I was hopeful that decent snow conditions might be found. As I drove back the temperature rose from a chilly 2degrees at home to 7degrees by the time I arrived in Killarney. It is amazing how often this happens. If these mountains were located just fifty miles further east they would offer good climbing much more often. Anyway there was still a decent coating above 600mtrs so I decided to have a look at Coumeengeragh Gully. This starts at just about 600mtrs and forms a nice line to the Col just to the west of Beenkerach. Unfortunately it was immediately obvious that the gully was full of unconsolidated powder so I broke out to the right and climbed up the mixed ground to the ridge. This gave some reasonable fun with an average angle of 45degrees. After all the chilly weather and rail and sleet I felt sure that there would have been a big dumping on high but alas no, there was only a wind scoured dusting on top and only small accumulations on the leeward slopes. Still the day offered a nice taste of winter and who knows , maybe the cold weather will endure over the Christmas and I may get out again.
The Eastern Reeks
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