Monday, May 16, 2011

Good trainng days and Miracle Camera

I have been somewhat lax in my blogging efforts of late but I can assure you that I have been getting out and about. I enjoyed a very nice run around the Horses Glen over Mangerton and Stoompa last week with James Moore. Not scorchingly fast but a respectable two hours to cover the approx 14K and 800mtrs ascent.

I went with my two partners for the upcoming alpine trip to the Reeks last Saturday and we enjoyed a good convivial day out on the Hags Glen Horseshoe, a fine 16K and 1700mtrs of ascent. They are two good old boys and fit to boot so all is good on that front.

Sunday I headed out with Killarney Mountaineering Club for a walk up Purple Mountain. As I was eager to pack as much into the day as possible I left the group and pushed on alone over Purple and then down to the head of the Gap of Dunloe and up the other side to Cnoc na Bracha and on to Strickeen and back to Kate Kearneys. A fine round of 20K anf 1500mtrs of ascent all in 5hours 15 mins.

From the Aonach Eagach

Finally today the camera that I had lost on the NE Buttress on Ben Nevis in the middle of February arrived in the post. The camera was lost up near the Mantrap and was found by Mr Craig Coid at the end of April. This meant that it had fallen over 1000ft and was out in the Scottish winter weather for over two months in just a cloth bag. Remarkably it arrived in perfect condition and in perfect working order. I had long ago given up any hope of recovering the camera yet alone recieving it intact, so a huge big thank you to the gentleman that is Craig Coid who proves that the mountaineering fraternity contains very fine people. I hope to thank him in person and buy him several drams of something suitably warming.
North East Buttress Ben Nevis

Just below the Mantrap
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