Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crohane 13/01/2011

Beenaunmore and the Capach Glen

Towards Crohane
Crohane, Crohane, so nice I climbed it twice. The plan for today was to head to the Capach Glen and climb Crohane and Beenaunmore. This is a nice short outing in some of the wildest scenery in Kerry. Though not much more than 2000ft high Crohane is still one of my favourite mountains. The day was mild with only a light breeze but the cloud was clinging to the hilltops and sometimes clagging the valleys when I started out. My one problem was I neglected to bring a map with me but I was confident that I would be able to find my way as I had been in this area many times before. The climb to the summit passed as normal. when I got there I was surprised to  find two small white dishes whose use I do not know. I had a quick bite and made my way in the direction of the spur  heading to Beenaunmore. This spur curves to the north before dropping steeply to the abse of Beenaunmore. This is all a moot point as I missed the spur and found myself wandering towards Kilgarvan until I finally emerged from the cloud at about 1000ft and saw where I was, or was not. nothing for it but to turn around and head back up the hill. A tiring slog ensued and I arrived again at Crohane's summit. As time was against me I had to return from here to the car. Remember Rule no1, never go on to the mountains without a map and compass and know how to use them. I won't forget next time.

New summit dishs?

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