Friday, August 6, 2010

Ceann Cibeal and the Three Sisters

Well back home again after a few days in the dingle area with Margaret. The Ballyferriter area is a lovely mix of mountain scenery and wild coastline. I did a walk that I have been meaning to do for a good few years. That is a coastal walk along the Three Sisters. I left our hotel in Ballyferriter and ran the five kilometers to the rough boggy ground behind the golf course and headed up left to Syble point. There is an eighteenth century watchtower on the summit. A series of these were built to guard against a possible invasion of Ireland by Napoleon. The view from atop this 210mtr cliff is wonderful and extensive. To the southwest lies Eagle mountain, south the Blaskets protude from the ocean. to the east there is nothing but sea all the way to America and to the north the way ahead to the Three Sisters and beyond Mount Brandon. The day was sunny and pleasently warm.
After a lengthy stop I sauntered along a reasonable path which runs the length of Syble head. From point 156mtrs the ground improved and I was able to break into a run down to the col and most of the way up to Binn Hanri at 134mtrs. Mostly running interspersed with some walking and the final top Binn Diarmada soon arrived. The view from here accross Smerwick harbour towards Ballydavid head and to Brandon beyond causes one to linger and savour the day. Again after a lengthy stay I turned and ran down the slope towards Smerwick and then along to Dun an Oir[ the site of a massacre of 300 Spanish soldiers by English forces in 1580]. At roads end a kilometer along Smerwick beach to rejoin another road and back to Ballyferriter. A return run of 7 kilometers. Total distance about 16 kilometers and three hours that I will remember for a long time.
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